Effective financial planning means good information and prudent asset management.

Welcome to Financial Freedom Wealth Management Services. We are located in Chatsworth, CA and can help you plan your financial future, whether you need life insurance, annuities, long-term care insurance, plan for your business or simply a review of your assets. Our mission is to help individuals and families define and address their financial goals, working as their advocate and counselor in the often confusing, financial services arena.

There are lots of people claiming to be financial planners, but many of them are merely selling insurance for specified carriers. One of the ways we are different, is that we look at each client’s entire financial picture, not just their insurance needs. Further, we are a fully independent financial services firm that is not restricted to any particular investment company, product or service.

Another point of difference is that our firm’s owner and founder, Morgan Stanley Financial Planner Ronald Bernheim, will personally guide you through the maze of financial products and investment and tax strategies to ensure you have the knowledge and understanding to make effective, prudent decisions about building wealth and managing your assets.

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