Angelina Jolie’s Breast Cancer: a Lesson for All

The recent announcement by actress Angelina Jolie that she had a double mastectomy to reduce her odds of getting breast cancer that killed her mother at an early age is both brave and problematic. She said she went public with her decision to have the surgery to raise awareness and to empower women and men to be tested for the “faulty” gene that may have caused her mother’s death.

Now, millions of people know about Jolie’s ordeal and how they, too, may be able to deal with the cancer issue. This is a very good thing. On the other side, many individuals, who may want to be proactive, are finding they simply can’t afford the expensive tests and procedures. Their insurance may not cover them. Perhaps, their savings or access to other assets is too limited to help.

So, while they may want or even need the tests and procedures that may follow, many people have to face the reality that the costs can be extraordinary and not something one normally saves up for. However, isn’t your wellbeing worth it . . . at any cost?

This kind of dilemma is just one example of how “life happens.” Without warning, any number of occurrences can take a big bite out of your finances. While you can’t plan for every possible obstacle or opportunity such as taking the preventative medical measures that Jolie did, you may be able to minimize the financial impact.

Jolie’s action is to be applauded. Now, it’s your move. Talk with your financial advisor to discuss how to better prepare yourself for what the future may bring.

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