Planning Your Financial Plan

There is a great deal of news these days pointing out that we’re living longer than ever. The big question is: Will we outlive our retirement income? Regardless of your current age, income level or net worth, it can be important to look ahead to retirement and put together a plan to help ensure you will be able to take … Read More

Financial Planning . . . Risky Business!

There are a number of reasons people do not have financial plans, but two of the most common are 1) they don’t believe they have enough in cash and other assets and/or 2) they are overwhelmed by the perceived complexity of the financial planning process. In fact, financial planning is not reserved only for the wealthy and Mensa-smart. Regardless of … Read More

Financial Planner Q&A . . . What You Should Ask.

Many people spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning their retirement. Why? For the most part, it’s because people just don’t know what to ask or how all of the pieces of one’s financial puzzle fit together. So, what should you ask your financial advisor? First, take an honest assessment of your current circumstances and define what … Read More

If You Go Down, Will Your Company or Household Go With You?

Whether as a sole proprietorship or small business with active partners, business owners have a lot on their plates. Overall, they must ensure that their investment remains a viable enterprise in all kinds of economic conditions and that their livelihood is financially sound. But what happens if the owner or key employees become disabled and can no longer help generate … Read More

Using Money as a Teaching Tool with Kids

Growing up, we all face a barrage of information intended to educate and better prepare us for the future. We are exposed to arts and crafts, arithmetic, science, history, English, athletics, and other subjects that will somehow help us cope with the adult world someday. While these topics are important in becoming more well rounded and better able to communicate … Read More

Are You Ready For Retirement?

Getting ready for retirement is ideally something done many years before you actually walk away from the job. Unfortunately, many people wait until they are close in and have inadequately prepared for the financial requirements needed to support this big, life-changing event. In fact, it’s a good bet that most people spend more time planning their vacations than their retirement. … Read More

Angelina Jolie’s Breast Cancer: a Lesson for All

The recent announcement by actress Angelina Jolie that she had a double mastectomy to reduce her odds of getting breast cancer that killed her mother at an early age is both brave and problematic. She said she went public with her decision to have the surgery to raise awareness and to empower women and men to be tested for the … Read More

Are You Secure in Your Knowledge of Social Security?

For the millions of Baby Boomers entering retirement, there are many questions and a great deal of confusion surrounding Social Security. Before signing up, have a clear understanding of the many issues involving your benefits, including: • how to apply for them, • how they are calculated, • how and when to take them, • how they are taxed, • … Read More

Long-Term Care: Part I—A Personal Crisis in the Making.

In this, the first of a three-part series of articles, we’ll touch on the importance of long-term care and how it could affect virtually everyone in the years to come. If you think the current financial upheaval in our country is bad, looming on the horizon is another crisis that will have even more far-reaching and devastating effects on Americans. … Read More

Long-Term Care: Part II–The 800 Pound Gorilla

According to the National Institute on Aging, “Long-term care is the 800-pound gorilla of social problems that lurks just around the corner.” The reality is that the government system is woefully strapped for funds to cover current liabilities and forthcoming obligations. And do you want to bet that already overburdened government programs will be adequate or even available when you … Read More