Phase I: Initial Meeting: Discovery

  • Getting to know each other.
  • Learning about your specific values, concerns, needs, personal and financial goals.
  • Big picture, your current unique financial situation/financial.
  • Your experience in dealing with personal financial matters, risk tolerance, emotional feelings toward money matters.
  • Explanation of what we can offer, our philosophy/approach to financial planning/investing, how we are compensated.

Phase II: Evaluation and Analysis

After initial meeting, we run an analysis of all information given at initial meeting.

  • Our primary objective is to develop a long term strategy that is custom tailored and suitable for your unique needs.
  • If plausible we contact your other current advisors (CPA, Attorney etc.)

Phase III: Strategy Presentation/Implementation Recommendations

  • We present in plain English our recommendations/plan and explain why we believe it is most suitable and in your best interest.
  • When agreed upon, we then carry out the recommendations, coordinating the process with you and other professionals as needed.

Phase IV: Monitoring and Adjusting

  • We continuously monitor your account on a regular basis to ensure your goals are being met.
  • We will report to you periodically via phone consultations and schedule a face to face review meeting every six months to make sure we are continuously fulfilling you’r initial objectives.
  • Discuss changes in your life that might alter your objectives and goals.
  • We provide periodic rebalancing of your investment portfolio in accordance with your asset allocation.

What you can expect from us

  • Continuous monitoring of your investments.
  • Regular meetings to review your progress and overall financial objectives.
  • Document management processes.
  • Complete transparency of all costs and fees.
  • An advocate for your best interests in every interaction.
  • Always looking for ways to minimize investment expenses and taxes.
  • Providing continuous education about financial issues and solutions.
  • Routinely review your financial situation and make adjustments as needed.

What we do

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